A Theory of Everything


Cosmologists seek a single and simple mathematical theory that will explain everything from subatomic particles to the vast cosmos. The very large and the very small, however, do not appear to play by the same rules. String theory tries to resolve this gap but there is no way currently to prove its assertions in a laboratory. The only way it even makes sense on paper is to assume multiple dimensions and multiple universes; a multi-verse. Interesting.

Science must remain science and religion must remain religion. They speak two different languages about the one reality and they should never be confused, nor should we reject one over the other. Both matter. Both seek truth. Both seek a theory of everything.

Being a scientist and a believer, my best bet for a theory of everything is Love. Love governs both the large and the small. God’s love is the binding force of all that exists. Like string theory, Love cannot be tested in a laboratory, but try living without it.

4 thoughts on “A Theory of Everything

    • Therese of Lisieux said love alone matters; love alone is everything. Everything that exists is relational appropriate to its mode of being. We are no exception to this basic universal law.


    • It is impossible not to love you, my friend. If God is love, love is our source, our reason for existing, and our ultimate destiny. It is the very substance of all that exists. If God is not love, we are sunk.


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