Our Objections to God’s Love


“God’s love is greater than all of our conflicts, which will pass.”  – Mother Teresa

The sun is shining today. No one complains about this. Whether we can see it or not, and even in the darkest hours of the night, the sun is shining in all directions. The four known forces (gravity, electro-magnetism, the atomic strong force, and the atomic weak force) bind all things together, from the very large to the very small. This is true everywhere and at all times. The fundamental laws and forces of nature are constant. As it is with physical laws and forces, so it is also with the metaphysical.

Our objections to God’s love, if we believe in it at all, usually center around who we feel should and should not be included in that love. These objections are about as nonsensical as complaining about who is and who is not subject to the law of gravity. Like the other fundamental forces of reality, God’s love is true everywhere, for everyone and everything, always. This is the kind of love we object to, and this is the kind of love that will save us.

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