True Home


Home is not a pit stop. Home is not a common area to rest between activities. Home is the place and the people where we are most ourselves and where we find true rest. Many of us own a house but have no true home. We are homeless.

The single most important thing we do in our family to establish a true home in this world is to keep the Sabbath. What is the Sabbath? It is the day of rest; one in seven. It is one of the ten commandments. It is not for Jews only, it is for all human beings and with good reason.

There must be a designated time and place where we can find rest on a regular basis, in order to regain our souls. Otherwise, we get confused and lost and can no longer find true home. To live alienated from yourself, your loved ones, and your true home is a terrible thing. This is neither necessary nor inevitable. There is another way.

4 thoughts on “True Home

  1. I don’t think that my wife and I have kept the true meaning of the Sabbath, but on Sunday’s we do go to church and then return home for a quiet day of reading the newspaper (the only day we get the papers) and then a nice dinner. Sunday is a day of rest. I have been concerned that this year 2 of our grandchildren have soccer games scheduled on Sunday mornings. This is the first year that this has happened. Looking forward to more explanations of keeping the Sabbath.


    • We have found that one day of true rest per week works best for our family. It has grounded us in God’s love and in one another. This means we sometimes turn down activites that are not in the spirit of the day, but we are not legalistic about it. Sabbath-keeping is an ongoing process that evolves over time and it is an art. The important thing is to agree to a day and keep to it consistently. All of our activites, projects, worries, problems, and responsibilities will still be there waiting for us the next day.


  2. This is a truth that I know you and your family live. When we visit you, we have a sense of truly being with you in your home. It truly isn’t a pit stop, and we treasure the memories of those visits.

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