The Question of God

In the beginning…there were questions. Ever since the dawn of self-reflective human consciousness there have been existential questions. The most important of these surround the desire to make sense of what we see. We seek meaning, order, purpose, and direction. And there is the Big Question we call God.

The universe, seen and unseen, is coherent and intelligible. If it were truly random it could not exist. Chaos does not become intricate order without an organizing principle. Scientists now point to four known forces: the atomic weak force, the atomic strong force, electro-magnetism, and gravity. This is a step in the right direction; however, what we are considering here is the force of the forces.

The reality of God is the heart of reality itself. It is difficult for many of us to accept the reality of God. Surprisingly, this doubt exists even among some proclaimed believers. So, what is the problem? Part of the problem is this: all portrayals of ultimate reality will necessarily fall short, but some are downright ridiculous and insulting. We are not idiots. Some religious portrayals do more harm than good and some are simply misunderstood. We are human beings prone to error no matter what we believe, but this in no way indicates that all religion is false, or that God is not real. As always, it is mostly a matter of perceiving what (and who) is already present.

The question of God is the ultimate question of human existence. It will not go away. If we stop asking that question we become less than human. Godless reality is not reality at all, it is a human evasion of what is and of what matters most. (The one thing necessary.) We are free to reject and avoid this all of our lives, in part or in whole, but by doing so we become much less. What is the value of a life that is reduced to less that its full reality?

It is not a random universe with no cause, purpose, direction, or meaning. We are not chance beings who merely think we are conscious selves. Human consciousness is not a trick of the brain. God is not a trick of human consciousness. There is more to reality than we often allow ourselves to accept and this can be a terrible mistake with devastating consequences.

Existential questions are an important part of our human inheritance. Rejection of these uncomfortable questions, or the acceptance of trite and commonplace answers, is a denial of the gift of being human. We are meant to ask, seek, and knock.

Any questions?

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